UU-SU astro-PHD meeting

Norredatorp | 24-25 January 2019

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Preliminary programme

The meeting will happen Thursday and Friday 24-25 January 2019. We'll have a full first day starting from around 10:00 / 10:30 to around 18:00. Then a half-day on Friday. The preliminary schedule would look something like this:

Thursday 24 January

Friday 25 January

Presentation format

We are very keen on working on presentation skills. For that purpose, speakers will be able to ask for feedback on their presentations if they wish too, and there'll be time allocated for that. Presentation are allocated 20 minutes maximum (if you want to do less, perfectly fine !), and there'll be an extra 10 minutes for discussion and eventual feedback. We will not have a projector for presentations. This will make us work on delivering a clear message to the audience. We'll have a big blackboard and you're also welcome to print handouts and circulate then if there is some image or plot you're dying to show to the audience! Please keep in mind that the audience is very diverse (we do very different kind of astronomy or space physics).

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We'll have the meeting in a nice and cosy setting at the Norreda Torp 25 km outside Uppsala. It's a set of old houses with sitting for 60-ish people.

Reaching Norreda torp


Norreda Torp can be approached by public transport and accessed by car. Stockholmers are encouraged to take the SJ train to Uppsala Centralstation, then the UL bus 809 (direction Knutby Skola) and stop at Funbo Kyrka. We will have cars to drive you between Funbo Kyrka and Norreda Torp at the beginning and the end of the meeting. You'll find a suggested itinerary from Stockholm to Uppsala below as well as the map of the central station area with the bus stops. The bus 809 leaves from the bus stop B2.

Buying tickets

Tickets for the SJ train can be bought on the SJ app, or in the train station at SJ vending machines
Tickets for the UL bus can be bought with the UL app, on the bus itself (only with credit card)
If you take the SL pendeltåg to Uppsala, you can buy directly a UL/SL ticket in Stockholm (through the SL app, in the bus, or in the station) that will be valid in Stockholm and in Uppsala

Refund on tickets

We will refund all your transport tickets, but you'll have to provide us with a receipt. We need to report our spending and we won't be able to refund your tickets without a receipt, so don't forget that :).

Overnight stay

There will be beds for everyone. Everybody who stays overnight should bring their own bedding (sleeping bag or sheets / pillowcases). Blankets are provided. If you are interested in the sauna, bring your towel with you. If you are interested in going walking in the nature/ice-skating bring good warm clothes with you!


We'll take care of meals (lunch/dinner on Thursday, breakfast/lunch on Friday) as well snacks and fika breaks. The idea is that we'll buy everything to cook nice meals, and we do some cooking together. If you have allergies or special diet, please tell us when you register, or send us a mail :).

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