Research interests

Magnetism of cool stars

I investigate magnetic fields of pre main-sequence T Tauri Stars and main sequence M-dwarfs. I work on high-resolution near-infrared spectra obtained with the CRIRES (CRyogenic Infrared Echelle Spectrograph) instrument sitting at the Very Large Telescope in Chile, or optical spectropolarimetry from ESPADONS at the Canada France Hawaii Telescope. I work under the supervision of Oleg Kochukhov and Nikolai Piskunov from Uppsala University, and Gaitee Hussain from the European Southern Observatory.

Instrumentation: CRIRES+

I am involved in the instrumental project CRIRES+ led by a consortium gathering Göttingen University, Tautenburg Observatory, INAF Arcetri, and Uppsala University. We design a polarimeter unit that will be implemented in the upgraded CRIRES instrument, allowing for spectropolarimetric observations. We designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested the unit. Then we integrated it with the rest of the CRIRES+ instrument at ESO in Garching. CRIRES+ is now in final testing phase before being shipped to Chile end of 2019. The first light at the telescope is expected early 2020.

Refereed publications

  • Lavail, A.; Kochukhov, O.; Hussain, G.: Characterising the surface magnetic fields of T Tauri stars with high-resolution near-infrared spectroscopy. Published: 2019-10. ADS | DOI
  • Lavail, A.; Kochukhov, O.; Wade, G.: A sudden change of the global magnetic field of the active M dwarf AD Leo revealed by full Stokes spectropolarimetric observations. Published: 2018-10. ADS | DOI
  • Lavail, A.; Kochukhov, O.; Hussain, G.; Alecian, E.; Herczeg, G.; Johns-Krull, C.: Magnetic fields of intermediate mass T Tauri stars. Published: 2017-12. ADS | DOI
  • Kochukhov, O.; Lavail, A.: The Global and Small-scale Magnetic Fields of Fully Convective, Rapidly Spinning M Dwarf Pair GJ65 A and B. Published: 2017-01. ADS | DOI

Successful observing proposals

  • Lavail, A., Wade, G., Kochukhov, O. Instrument: ESPaDOnS at CFHT (Hawaii), 2019B, 8 hours, service mode. Tracking the unprecedented magnetic evolution of the magnetic field of the active M dwarf AD Leo.
  • Lavail, A., Kochukhov, O., Hussain, G., and Piskunov, N. Instrument: GIANO at TNG (La Palma), Spring 2017, 26 hours, visitor mode. Near-infrared magnetic diagnostics for cool low-mass active stars.
  • Lavail, A., Wade, G., Kochukhov, O. Instrument: ESPaDOnS at CFHT (Hawaii), 2016A, 23 hours, service mode. A search for Zeeman linear polarization in spectral lines of active M dwarfs.