A spectropolarimeter for the Very Large Telescope

  Alexis Lavail, Nikolai Piskunov, Candice Durandet, Ulrike Heiter, Thomas Marquart, Milan Rozel, Eric Stempels, and the CRIRES+ consortium
  Astronomdagarna Kiruna


This webpage is an addition to a physical poster presented at Astronomdagarna 2017 in Kiruna. Here you will find the PDF version of the poster, as well as a selection of useful links and additional information and content related to the CRIRES+ spectropolarimeter.

CRIRES papers

◈ The "+" for CRIRES: enabling better science at infrared wavelength and high spectral resolution at the ESO VLT    ADS
◈ Characterizing the cross dispersion reflection gratings of CRIRES+    ADS
◈ Wavelength calibration from 1-5μm for the CRIRES+ high-resolution spectrograph at the VLT    ADS
◈ Novel infrared polarimeter for the ESO CRIRES+ instrument    ADS
◈ Opto-mechanical design of a new cross dispersion unit for the CRIRES+ high resolution spectrograph for the VLT    ADS
◈ Concept and optical design of the cross-disperser module for CRIRES+    ADS
◈ CRIRES+: a cross-dispersed high-resolution infrared spectrograph for the ESO VLT    ADS
◈ CRIRES+: Exploring the Cold Universe at High Spectral Resolution    ADS

The consortium

Image gallery

This photo shows the core part of the polarimeter, which is a beam-splitter. Beam-splitters split the light from a source into different beams with different polarisation status. Here, the beam-splitter (optimised to work in the infrared) splits the light from a smartphone torchlight.  August 2017
Installing the CRIRES+ spectropolarimetry unit at ESO headquarters.  July 2017
The spectropolarimetry unit is installed in the warm optics enclosure. This enclosure also contains calibration devices, and will be placed between the telescope and the CRIRES+ cryostat.  July 2017
Mechanical drawing showing the top-view of the spectropolarimeter.  July 2017
The CRIRES cryostat. This enclosure is cooled to cryogenic temperatures, and contains most optical parts, the main échelle grating as well as cross-dispersing gratings, and the science detectors among others. This cryostat, together with the warm-optics enclosure, and the electronic cabinets, will be placed on the Nasmyth platform of the VLT UT3.