Today it was difficult to get into the mood for efficient work. Lots of things happening, 1+ year of Covid, and a bright warm sunny day in Stockholm.

My mood took me into listening to some “summer tunes”, which for me are ska/reggae/punk songs. I particularly listened to these two gems about working (travailler in French) less.

  • Tryo - Travailler plus. Tryo is a staple of French music, particularly among (hippie) people in my generation, with some great hit songs [1, 2, 3]. Travailler plus is an echo to sleazy ex-president Sarkozy motto: “Travailler plus pour gagner plus” (“Work more to earn more”).
  • Irie Révoltés - Travailler. Heidelberg-based Irie Révoltés is a good French-German friendship symbol. Here they sing in French about how working is not that nice.

The French “travail” (“work”) is commonly thought to come for the Latin Tripalium, a torture instrument, Motivational ;-)

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