Summer reads

It’s been a while
Summer is in full swing
Holidays came and went by

During my holidays, I visited the bookshop for the first time in … too long, and got some nice books to read. Some books that I wanted, some that I randomly browsed and seemed interesting (the magic of going into the bookshop after all).

I started with Grey is the Color of Hope, the gulag memoirs of Irina Ratushinskaya (Ирина Ратушинская). A tough book, as expected, but excellent and somewhat lighter than I thought. The english translation is unequal sometimes.

I followed with Solaris, the 1961 sci-fi novel from Stanisław Lem which inspired, among other, the Solaris movie directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. I know Tarkovsky’s work from Stalker, and wanted to read Solaris before watching the movie. The book is very interesting, and definitely can give a great movie by Tarkovsky, given the general atmosphere and the overall mystery. I disliked some parts, but that’s OK!

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