For a long time, I’ve been wanting to set up my own server at home to host some services (backup, media server, etc ..). I had bought a Raspberry Pi but did not take the time to set it up and it just took dust in a cupboard for many months.

Recently, I discovered the Yunohost distribution, which is supposed to make self-hosting easy. Well, it does!. In a few hours, I had the server set up with the first services running. Things are really easy to administrate, applications are already packaged and can be installed in a click! The full catalogue is available at

At the moment I have the following services running:

  • navidrome for streaming my music collection, with compatible apps for smartphone
  • Tiny Tiny RSS as a RSS reader (because RSS rocks)
  • nextcloud for cloud storage
  • lychee for photo gallery (google photos replacement)

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