PNPS logo

A few design iterations for the new PNPS logo

Creating logos - as well as posters or websites - is something I find interesting and rewarding. When the French “National program of stellar physics” (PNPS, for Programme national de physique stellaire) opened a competition for a new logo, I submitted a proposal straight away.

They somehow ended up selecting my contribution :-), and after a few design iterations, the new logotype was introduced yesterday, together with a brand new website.

The picture above show some of these iterations, I think the process is quite typical. Starting from a very geometric and minimal design (using the colours of the old logotype), the design gains in complexity after a consensus had to be reached with board members requesting more physics included.

In the published version, there are stars - at different evolutionary stages (Sun-like star, red giant, hot star), stellar multiplicity, exoplanets, magnetic fields, a brown dwarf, and a disk (at least that what I see, you are welcome to see more than this).