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  A voté

Yesterday I biked to the French embassy in Stockholm to vote for conseillers consulaires, consular advisers. Their mandate is to vote in the elections for the French senate, advise French policy-makers on matters affecting French citizens abroad, and provide help to the French citizens abroad.

These elections are rather low-key, but I realized that it is one of the election where my vote has the largest influence: probably around 2000 people voted in total.

Also, I totally love the all the symbols and the solemnity in French elections, particularly when comparing with Swedish elections, which feel so casual. Everything in the voting booth is ordered in a precise way, wheter you vote in the embassy in Stockholm or back in my village. And the devil in the details:

But the very best, is the lound and solemn “A voté !” (“has voted”), that the voting station officer says as soon as the ballot is in the box. Goosebumps every time.

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  Catalan humour - Manuel Valls

Manuel Valls, a man you cannot trust, is coming back to France after a short stint in Barcelona politics, eyeing the next French presidential elections. Catalans seem happy to get rid of him. The video is a cover of this infamous song.

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  Forest flowers

Freshly picked forest flowers.

Spring is now definitely here 🥳!

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  Bookmark clean-up

I haven’t gone thoroughly through my browser bookmarks in around a decade, and it was time to rummage and do a clean-up. The first realization is that around a third of all pages bookmarked do not exist anymore. This made me think about webpages longevity in general.

The second realization is that there are tons of great random links in there that I just never went back to visit. Here are a few:



Some nice free fonts.

Typography is one of my nerdy hobbies. I do like a nicely printed book or magasine in a great typeface, and the same works for electronic content.

There are so many high-quality free fonts around these days, that I changed the fonts used on this website many (many) times already. Now, in a low-tech effort, I decided to switch to default system fonts. This way, your browser does not download extra font-files when you browse here.

Some links to free fonts, in case you need them in your projects:

There’s plenty more, but I’ll stop here ;)

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  Standing desk

My hacked Standsome desk to have laptop at eye level.

For a few years back, I have been doing some work from home, and bought a standard IKEA manual standing desk for the home office. This was a great buy, allowing to have good ergonomy while working at home.

When the Covid pandemic started, we ended up being three people working from home, and I wanted a second desk where I could be standing. I decided to buy a Standsome slim, which I got to try by chance in the public library in Karlsruhe where I stopped to work a day during a train trip. The advantage is that it can be placed on a table to make a standing desk, and folded away when the work day is over.

The only issue I found is that the laptop ends up being low compared to eye level. With a simple DYI - screwing two small pieces of wood on the board, the laptop can be placed vertically and the screen ends up smack at eye level !

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