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  CRIRES remote commissioning

Home office setup for remote commissioning.

Together with colleages in Uppsala and Germany, Italy, Chile, we’ve been building the CRIRES+ instrument for the Very Large Telescope in Chile. The project has been around a decade in the making.

But finally, we are “commissioning” the instrument now. This means we test all the functions, make sure the instrument works as it should, and check that performances are good. If all works well, then we can happily offer the instrument to the community.

Normally for this kind of work, our team would travel to the observatory and help with the observations. With the Covid situation, most of us are now doing this work remotely, from home. The people at the observatory simply share their screens with us so that we can see what they observe in real time!


  Swim season

Brunnsviken seen from Sjöstugan.

With the warm days, swim season is upon us in Stockholm! I went swimming every day since last Saturday, it is glorious. The water in the sea was still quite cold, around 13-14 degrees. In Brunnsviken though, it is perfect at around 18-19 degrees !

nature hobby photo

  Hops growing

One hop plant

The hops planted early May are growing fast and seriously climbing that pole.

brewing hops gardening photo


Today it was difficult to get into the mood for efficient work. Lots of things happening, 1+ year of Covid, and a bright warm sunny day in Stockholm.

My mood took me into listening to some “summer tunes”, which for me are ska/reggae/punk songs. I particularly listened to these two gems about working (travailler in French) less.

The French “travail” (“work”) is commonly thought to come for the Latin Tripalium, a torture instrument, Motivational ;-)

work music

  Bookmark clean-up II

I have recently gone through my bookmarks and cleaned them up. In the process I found some hidden gems, here is a second short collection of links, with a music theme (and even some Eurovision).

links music

  A year of records

Some good records.

Around a year ago, I defended my PhD thesis 🥳! To celebrate, my kind colleagues offered me a record player. Since then, I bought quite some records, second-hand when possible, discogs has been a great source in these pandemics time.

When I was younger, I had cassettes, then CDs. When I got access to internet, I started using P2P, torrents, and streaming services such as Grooveshark, Spotify, or Deezer. Having now this record player is a welcomed return to playing music on a physical medium.

Sure you can’t listen to your favourite playlist, but I always liked to listen to entire records, and it is just great to have a small device that only plays the music. Listening to music is now a nice ritual, not just a click.

culture music

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